Top Posts

Updated:  May 28, 2013

Top Posts of the Month:

House passes marriage equality; Carver County Reps vote no


Senate passes marriage equality; Ortman votes no

Ortman faces uphill climb in potential race against Franken

It’s totally not about that

The 2013 Legislative Session in infographic form

Top Posts of 2013:

Ortman votes no on marriage equality

Dayton’s $37.9B budget proposal summarized

Waconia pastor goes viral with inaccurate HIV/AIDS testimony at Legislature [UPDATED]

Hoppe hears it from Carver County GOP Executive Committee

2013 Legislative To-Do List [UPDATED]

Top Historical Posts:

Did Ernie Leidiger use campaign funds to pay off his speeding ticket?

10 Charts of the Year — Oil Profits vs. Oil Prices

How the Voter ID amendment could change voting in this state [UPDATED]

It Might Get Loud: Ernie Leidiger attends a voter ID forum at a senior housing facility [UPDATED]

Bain or Bane: What does Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital record really mean?

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