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Good news for Scrooge McDuck

Rep. Kurt Bills (R-Apple Valley) has introduced a new bill that will be of great benefit to those of you with stashes of gold and silver coins.  H.F. 1664 would make gold and silver coin legal tender in the state of Minnesota. and exempt transactions using gold and silver coins from taxation.

The rationale for the bill is that the Federal Reserve (along with the banks of every other industrialized country) have devalued our currency by not linking directly to gold, silver, or some other tangible resource.  This has been a plank in the Ron Paul platform, for instance.  In the real world, there’s little fear that the global economic order is going to collapse to such an extent that American dollars and all other fiat currencies are going to suddenly become worthless.

But perhaps Bills has stumbled onto an economic development strategy.  Perhaps Scrooge McDuck will move his Money Bin from Duckburg to Minnesota.  Maybe we can build it next to the new Minnesota Vikings stadium…


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