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Redistricting maps revealed: Eastern Carver County to CD 3; Chanhassen split into two State Senate districts [UPDATED]

[UPDATE:  State legislative details were originally incorrect.  They have now been corrected.  Additional maps showing the boundary of the part of Chanhassen in SD33 have been added as well.]

The redistricting maps were just released a few minutes ago.  Here are the key takeaways for Carver County:

From a Congressional perspective, eastern Carver County (Chanhassen, Chaska, Victoria, and Laketown Township) are now part of the Third Congressional District, with current incumbent Rep. Erik Paulsen (R – Eden Prairie).  The rest of Carver County is now part of the Sixth Congressional District.  Rep. Michele Bachmann is the current incumbent in the Sixth, but Bachmann’s Stillwater residence in not in the new Sixth, so she will have to decide whether to move to the new Sixth or challenge Rep. Betty McCollum in the Fourth Congressional District.  [UPDATE:  Bachmann will run in the Sixth.]  Rep. John Kline no longer represents any part of the county.

The area highlighted in red is now part of CD 3.

From a state legislative perspective, northeast Chanhassen is being combined with much of the Lake Minnetonka area in the new Senate District 33 with retiring Sen. Gen Olson (R-Minnetrista) and Rep. Steve Smith (R-Mound) as the current incumbents.  The boundary of the area in SD33 is the area north of MN-5 and east of MN-41, as shown in the map below.

The rest of Carver County is the new Senate District 47 with Sen. Julianne Ortman as the incumbent.   The rest of Chanhassen, northern Victoria, and Chaska combine to make House District 47B with Rep. Joe Hoppe as the incumbent.  The remainder of the county is House District 47A, with Rep. Ernie Leidiger as the incumbent.

New legislative map for Carver County

Under 2010 Census results, it was inevitable that Carver County would be split up into more than one Senate district — the County’s rapid population growth over the last decade dictated that.


News Roundup, August 9

A few short items of note:

House GOP shifts redistricting into the (too) fast lane

Last night, Rep. Sarah Anderson released the House GOP redistricting plan.  As expected, Carver County’s population growth means it will be split among three State House districts instead of two today.  Most of the county would be located in Senate District 44 under the plan, which would also include eastern McLeod County (Glencoe and Lester Prairie).  Northern Chanhassen and Victoria would be part of Senate District 45.  SD 45 would also include Eden Prairie and parts of Minnetonka.

This is the first volley in what is expected to be a long back-and-forth between the Republican-controlled Legislature and Governor Mark Dayton.   The Senate Redistricting Committee will release its own plan at some point, and the Governor will release a plan as well.  And if no agreement can be reached among the parties, the courts will end up drawing the lines — a process that could take until February of 2012.  In 2000, the courts drew the lines significantly differently than any of the three plans presented to it — the Governor Ventura plan, the Senate Democratic plan, or the House Republican plan.

The problem with the Anderson proposal isn’t so much the proposal itself (although a cursory look at the map clearly indicates it was drawn to favor Republicans), but rather how it is being handled.  After releasing the plan last night, Rep. Anderson intends to move the bill through committee tonight, opening the door for a full vote in the House potentially as early as this week.  This leaves little time for public analysis of the plan before tonight’s hearing.  This is not the way we should be dealing with an important topic such as redistricting. 

Even though this plan is likely dead on arrival in terms of it actually being implemented (as all of the legislative redistricting plans were in 2000), there’s no reason not to carry out the process to the standards that Minnesotans should expect.  The Legislature and public should get ample opportunity to analyze and comment on the plan before it gets moved through committee.

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