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Let’s try it again: Patron Mexican Restaurant opening downtown [UPDATED]

The Chaska Herald reports that Patron Mexican Restaurant will be taking over the site at the northwest corner of MN-41 and Second Street.  La Quebrada was the most recent tenant of the site, closing earlier in the year.  Previously, the site was Mi Casa, River City Pub, and Chestnuts.  Hopefully, Patron will find better success!  No opening date has been set yet.

[UPDATE, February 17]:  Patron is open!


La Quebrada closed

Commenter Kristine alerted me to the fact that La Quebrada appears to be closed.  Calls to their phone number come back as disconnected.

Looks like the restaurant wasn’t able to overcome its rough start.  Let’s hope we can get something new in its place soon.

What would you like to see take the place of La Quebrada?  Leave your comments and let’s have some discussion!

La Quebrada Under New Management

It’s come to my attention that La Quebrada has new management, and I’ve heard good things about the food and service lately.  Let’s hope the trend continues!

Date change for Downtown Open House and other items

The public open house to review the initial output of the Downtown Master Plan has been moved back to Wednesday, February 16.  The event will still be held at the Chaska Community Center Community Room from 7-9 p.m.

Other news from around the city:

  • The Two Twelve Medical Center opens February 1.   An open house will be held on Saturday, January 29 to allow the public to tour the facility and meet the providers.
  • Needful Things Boutique opens February 2 at 212 N. Chestnut St.  They are moving to downtown Chaska from Jordan (the Jordan location will be open through January 29).
  • The City Council will be making appointments to the city commissions at tonight’s meeting.  The staff report for the council meeting shows that they still may be short on applicants for the Heritage Preservation Council. 
  • I continue to hear middling-to-outright awful reviews on La Quebrada.  Has anyone had a good experience there?  If so, drop me a comment, and tell me about it.  Sure hope to hear better things soon!

January 2011 Poll: Best Full Service Restaurant in Chaska

A new feature on the blog will be a monthly poll regarding something going on in the community.  This month, readers can name the best full-service restaurant in Chaska.  Feel free to use the comments to explain your vote!

Making the same mistakes over and over again?

La Quebrada Restauranto Mexicano and Cantina is reported to have opened in the former Chestnuts/Mi Casa location downtown. 

I haven’t had a chance to check it out as of yet, but I was wondering what the menu looked like and what prices were, so I thought I would go out and check the website to see what they were offering.  It was then I discovered that the restaurant doesn’t have a website.

Say what you will about the downtown business environment and question if you will whether the city has done enough to make it better, but it’s not the city’s fault that downtown restaurants continue to make fundamental errors in how they run their businesses. 

If there’s one thing that a restaurant owner who operates in downtown Chaska should have learned by now, it’s that you’ve got to market your restaurant — people aren’t going to just find you.   Every failed restaurant in the downtown area recently — with the exception of Pauly’s — didn’t do nearly enough to get its message out.

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