Behind on his taxes, Leidiger finds money for anti-gay marriage organization

Last fall, there was quite a bit of talk regarding State Rep. Ernie Leidiger’s tax problems.  Recapping quickly, Leidiger racked up $144,000 in unpaid taxes at his businesses from 2009-2011.  After initially blaming Barack Obama for his problems, Leidiger quickly regrouped and took responsibility for his actions and pledged repayment of the remaining tax liability.

Well, being thousands of dollars in the hole with the state and federal government didn’t do anything to dampen Leidiger’s zeal for promoting his exclusionary social agenda.  In fact, we find Leidiger’s name among the donors to Minnesota for Marriage, the primary group that advocated in favor of the marriage amendment that was defeated in November.


Screenshot of page 27 of the Minnesota for Marriage Campaign Finance Report, available at the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board website (

One has to wonder where Leidiger is obtaining the resources to repay his taxes and make political donations.  His current Economic Disclosure Form shows no sources of income, nor any investments or property he could be monetizing for those purposes.  This only serves to highlight the continuing need to strengthen disclosure rules for state legislators.

[Thanks to the anonymous tipster who alerted me to this information!]


12 Responses to “Behind on his taxes, Leidiger finds money for anti-gay marriage organization”

  1. For the sake of your own soul, you need to let the hate go. You are completely obsessed.

    • Jeez, Ernie wanted to buy me a beer the other night, but I had to run. Would I be acused of unethical behavior for accepting? Is it OK for Ernie to even buy food before he squares up? What are the acceptable limits of personal spending when you have a business that owes taxes? I wonder if Emily Post has any gudelines for Ernie to follow? Or since you seem to play the part of the decency police, perhaps you can tell us. I’d hate to have a beer from Ernie, and have you start looking through my trash in an endless witch hunt.

      • I have no interest in looking through your trash, so don’t be concerned. I do, though, find Leidiger’s position on the gay marriage issue tragic on many levels, and I find the lack of disclosure about Leidiger’s finances (and that of many other legislators) to be contrary to the public interest.

        • I would suggest you stop voting for him then.

        • Why do you focus so much I on what Ernie supports or believes in. Isn’t this country base on freedom of speech . And he has it worked out with paying his taxes. Is he suppose to stop living until there paid. Sean Olson you need to get a life. Ernie L. Is a good and honest person.

          • Why do I focus on what he supports or believes in? Because he’s one of Carver County’s elected officials, that’s why. As I recall, you shared your opinions about Randy Maluchnik a few months back:

            Randy Maluchnik is a dirty politician along with his pal Jim Ische. You act like your the expert on the candidates that ran for county commissioner and you don’t even have a clue on what your talking about and who these people are. There’s a difference between people that are in it for themselves and the ones who really care about what is happening in this county. Maluchnik is scary, really scary!

            No one’s opposed to Ernie Leidiger having freedom of speech. Part of that freedom, though, is that people who disagree get to express their views, too. (Something that many Carver County Republicans seem to get upset about.)

            I’m not terribly concerned about this donation, but I just think it’s indicative of where the priorities are. His businesses didn’t pay taxes for parts of three years, they’ve got unpaid lawsuits totaling $40K, but this is what he’s choosing to do with his remaining resources. Maybe he should get his own house in order before trying to write his worldview into the State Constitution.

            • You don’t even live in his district. And yet you continue your petty rants. I don’t defend Ernie because he’s a Republican. Lord knows I’ve gone after those who have deserved it in the past and will in the future. I defend Ernie, because he’s a friend, and a friend whose business faltered. There’s no need for these personal attacks on a man when he’s down. He’s not doing anything wrong, despite your implications. You simply disagree with his agenda and will stoop to any level to demean the man. You could do yourself a huge favor by wiping this chip off of your shoulder. You look foolish on this. I don’t know how else to describe it at this point.

  2. I get it. It’s a gotcha.

    Anyone here vote for Keith Ellison?

    • Mr Olsen:

      Do you live in Mr. Leidiger’s district?
      Did you vote for or support Keith Ellison?

      • I lived in Leidiger’s district prior to redistricting, I am now in Joe Hoppe’s district.

        Carver County has never been part of Ellison’s district, and I can’t say I follow his record very closely. I imagine you’re probably not in his fan club.

  3. 🙂    

    Glenda Noble

  4. I don’t like the premise behind this inquiry. Yes, investigating a public official who has tax issues is logical, within reason, but tying it to political speech is a bridge too far. I worry that this becomes a path to questioning who is financially fit enough to contribute to the causes they believe in, which in this age of uncontrolled spending on campaigning, has the potential of being a silencing agent for those wishing to be involved in the process.

    I would disagree with the mission of the group Mr. Leidiger donated to, and would challenge that mission. I would also hope that better business sense, and a desire to lead by example, would drive him to resolve his repeated tax problems. However, linking the two doesn’t work.

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