10 Charts of 2012: The Rise and Fall of the PC

2012 Chart 4

Source: Horace Dediu (asymco.com)

This chart, from Horace Dediu, shows the rise and fall of PC-based computing over the last 35 years.  It shows that the rise of tablet computing and smart phones have disrupted the market in a way not seen since the rise of the PC thirty years ago.


One Response to “10 Charts of 2012: The Rise and Fall of the PC”

  1. As of today, the cell phone isn’t quite on par with a PC. But a friends of thinks eventually, our cell phones will be our PC’s, and we’ll just set them in a docking station to have full key boards and bigger screens. Personally, I have more PC’s in the house than ever, but that’s because my kids are getting older and I get tired of them fighting over who get’s to use one and when. I have two, my wife has one, and each of the boys have one, plus I have some older versions laying around that we use once in a while when we want to be nostalgic. That ususally doesn’t last long, given how slow the old buggers were.

    I’d say heat will be the biggest problem for replaceing the PC entirely. I’d also point out the gaming stations have replaced much of the PC market as well.

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