Write-in fever breaking out across Carver County

Tomorrow is Election Day, and Carver County voters are seeing some unusual late-in-the cycle activity promoting the possibility of write-in candidates for State House District 47A and Waconia Mayor.

Some residents in the Waconia area have reported getting the flyer shown below at their door over the weekend.  In it, the author (who claims to be a local Republican), urges Republicans to drop their support of State Rep. Ernie Leidiger and to instead vote for DFLer Keith Pickering or, alternatively, to write-in Waconia Mayor Jim Nash.  The flyers do not carry a disclosure of who paid for them.  If more than $100 was spent on this effort, it would be a violation of state campaign finance rules.

When contacted about the flyers, Nash’s response was “I heard about it on Sunday, but have nothing to do with this at all.”


Meanwhile, Nash — who is running for re-election — is facing a write-in challenge of his own.  A group of Waconia residents have started an effort to encourage write-in votes for former Waconia fire chief (and current assistant fire chief) Randy Sorensen.  Sorensen, too (via a third party), asserts that he is not behind the effort.


10 Responses to “Write-in fever breaking out across Carver County”

  1. Also, there is a large sign in downtown Cologne to write-in Scott Williams for Mayor, even though he filed for and is listed on the ballot for City Council. There is one candidate for mayor on the ballot, and two candidates for two city council seats. I don’t think you can be both Councilman and Mayor at the same time.

    • You’re illegal nonsense is going to put you in jail.

      • I have nothing to do with this, nor do I know who is responsible for it.

      • Odd question, Mr. Brunette: what illegal activity are you aware of? You’ve made passing references to it a couple of times, but with the same amount of details I’d normally expect from Donald Trump.

        • We can expedite this if you want. I’m offering up to $5K for information leading to the arrest of this clown. Then maybe we don’t have to wait for the subpeonas to go through.

          • For what, though? What laws have they broken? At worst all I see here is a civil claim if the information posted was untrue.

          • I must concur with Sean’s comment, unless you have evidence of some sort of violation of criminal law, and not a civil issue. Your past comments on the matter implied that evidence was already in your possession (or would be readily discovered), so offering a reward for any possible evidence without any parameters or specifics seems ill-conceived.

            Additionally, I’m sure any lawyer involved would advise against such a path, since it would create the potential for a civil action if the allegations of criminal misconduct should prove to be unfounded.

            In other words, what exactly are you accusing cccp47 of doing?

            • I’ve had evidence all along of what he did. We just don’t have the evidence of who this person is. We’ll have it soon enough. Just trying to expedite before more tracks are covered. And yes it was a criminal act.

          • This person is guilty of a felony, in addition to potential campaign finance violations. If the investigator comes to talk to you, you will find out what the felony charge is, i would imagine. Until either they come to you (unlikely) or the charges are filed.

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