Ernie Leidiger: A day late and a few thousand short

The final pre-election campaign finance reports were due on Monday.  State Rep. Ernie Leidiger missed the deadline, filing his report one day late.  (Given his other history, it would have been a surprise had he been able to file the report on time.)  What’s really interesting, though, is comparing his 2012 report versus the report he filed two years ago at this time.

One of the real advantages of incumbency is supposed to be your ability to fundraise.  Yet, Leidiger’s fundraising has fallen significantly.  In 2010, Leidiger had raised $6,651 in individual contributions (excluding his own contributions).  This year, he’s only mustered $3,973 — a drop of of about 40%.  Even more telling is that none of Leidiger’s itemized individual contributions (those of $100 or more) came from within his district.

Leidiger has successfully been able to tap into additional funds from lobbyists and PACs ($2,320 this year vs. $700 in 2010), but he’s still showing a fundraising gap of nearly $2,800 compared to 2010 (excluding public subsidy payments).

Yes, 2012 is a Presidential cycle, but other Carver County legislative Republicans aren’t seeing the same sorts of dropoffs.  State Sen. Julianne Ortman has more than doubled her individual contributions this cycle, from $14,638 to $31,610, for instance.

It seems that GOP donors just aren’t as in to Ernie as they used to be.  I wonder why that is?


2 Responses to “Ernie Leidiger: A day late and a few thousand short”

  1. Well, part of the problem is that he has no comptetition. He had none for endorsement, and this hyper spending liberal running against him has zero shot of winning. I’m willing to place a bet. Loser donates to the winner’s political party. Any takers, yet? I got a hondo ready to roll.

  2. What did Ernie have for lunch yesterday?

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