Compare and contrast

Here’s what one of Carver County’s State Representatives is up to:

A 47-year-old single woman suffering from the highly aggressive HER2NU Stage 2 breast cancer is going to get the life-saving treatment she needs after a bipartisan effort from Rep. Joe Atkins (DFL-Inver Grove Heights) and Rep. Joe Hoppe (R-Chaska). …

After quoting the state statute regarding MCHA coverage, Rep. Joe Hoppe wrote the following to the Enrollee Appeals Committee:

“This statute was not intended to prevent individuals like Lisa, who desperately need coverage from MCHA, from qualifying for coverage. The statute would never have been written this way if lawmakers knew it would force a cancer patient to choose between bankruptcy and an avoidable early death. … MCHA was created to help Minnesotans just like Lisa, who have preexisting conditions preventing them from adequate coverage in times of serious illness.”

And here’s what the other one is doing:

Which sort of behavior do we want our elected officials to model going forward?  I disagree with Joe Hoppe on many, many issues, but he conducts himself the way an elected official should — treating his office and his constituents (whether or not they agree with him) with respect.


4 Responses to “Compare and contrast”

  1. Perhaps, Jim and Jim should also treat others with respect. Because this isn’t it. Ernie praises good teachers, and “bashes” as they word it, their union. That’s hardly hypocritcal, and neither is the 8% funding increase. I would have thought an increase during a lower revenue period would be acceptable to the left. In fact, we’ve this legislature being friendlier to education via funding, and payback, than the governor has been. Unfortunate that this truth isn’t the topic at hand, rather than this petty nonsense.

    • Funding was not increased, though. They shifted away roughly 5x more money than they passed in increases.

      • So let me get this striaght. The increases they passed weren’t increases. Where was Dayton on this… oh yeah. can’t talk about out increases being greater than his can we? Didn’t he sign this? Oh, and didn’t he reject paying some of the shifts back? More left-wing rhetoric.

        • If I put $5 in your left pocket and take $25 out of your right pocket, I’ve “increased” the money in your left pocket, but you have less money overall. Leidiger is only talking about increasing the left pocket while ignoring what happened in the right pocket.

          And, incidentally, if you’ve been paying attention you’ll note I have no praise for either party as it relates to the school shifts. Both parties have made dreadfully bad decisions on this issue, yet you can’t see beyond the my team/your team nonsense.

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