Don’t let Ernie Leidiger fly under the radar

Let’s face it, the last few months haven’t been that great for Ernie Leidiger.  His tax issues and rank hypocrisy on government involvement in the private sector have been exposed for all to see in the middle of a re-election campaign.

So how has Leidiger been dealing with these problems?  By trying to keep his head down, staying out of sight, and trying to cruise to a victory based solely on the “R” behind his name.  Even some local conservatives have been muttering about Ernie’s low profile.

His campaign website is an embarrassing shambles that apparently hasn’t been updated since January and still refers to his old House District number of 34A.  He ducked the League of Women Voters candidate forum after his ridiculous behavior at a LWV Voter ID forum was exposed, leaving tomorrow’s Waconia Rotary/Waconia Chamber of Commerce/Waconia Patriot event at Island View Golf Club as the only one-on-one appearance with his opponent, Keith Pickering.  Too bad that interested voters have to pay $10 to gain entrance to that event, as opposed to the LWV forum which not only was free to attend but would have been recorded for on-demand online viewing.

It’s almost as if Leidiger doesn’t want to make himself available to voters. While this may be smart campaign strategy given his propensity for foot-in-mouth statements, it’s really not the sort of behavior we should be rewarding in our public officials.

Leidiger did surface once recently, though, seeking to protect himself by using religion as a shield.  Two weeks ago, Leidiger made one of his infamous campaign-season appearances at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Waconia to campaign on behalf of the marriage amendment.  Classy as always.

The sad reality for Carver County residents is that there’s only one way to stop this sort of self-serving and embarrassing behavior, and that’s to vote Leidiger out of office.  In two weeks, you have that opportunity and you should not let it slip away.


4 Responses to “Don’t let Ernie Leidiger fly under the radar”

  1. Reply October 23, 2012 at 11:55 am

    Well done!

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  2. I’m sorry, but after hearing Pickering today, Ernie is a lock. This county will not elect someone so far left of center. I’ll place a $100 bet on that. The loser writes the check to the opposing party. Any takers?

    • Still no takers… I guess we’re good then. Seems your efforts to destroy this man have failed. In the end, will it have been worth it? Or perhaps the public sees through your bias. If nothing else, maybe you can get a job at the Strib. They are nearly as objective as you are after all. Good luck.


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    […] these guys were set up by Exhibit B1: Ernie Leidiger being obnoxious at the League of Women Voters Voter ID meeting in Waconia. Once he made enemies by […]

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