Leidiger speaks, and it makes no sense

State Rep. Ernie Leidiger has finally spoken regarding his tax problems.  Based on what he said, he probably should have kept his mouth shut.  In an interview with the Chanhassen Villager/Chaska Herald, Leidiger claims the current owed amount of taxes is lower that the original amount of $144,000 and he is working on a payment plan.

Instead of taking responsibility for his problems, though, Leidiger knows exactly who to blame for his problems:  Barack Obama.

“One of my companies is a victim of the Obama economy,” Leidiger told the Villager.

Later comes this passage:

Leidiger said if the Obama administration had not done a federal stimulus program the business would have been fine.

An interesting perspective, given Leidiger’s own business was the recipient of a $500,000 loan as part of the federal stimulus program.

Leidiger also claims that if government had reduced spending, his business would still be alive today.  How Leidiger can make that claim is not specified.  And it likely won’t be specified in the future, either, given Leidiger’s record.


4 Responses to “Leidiger speaks, and it makes no sense”

  1. Actually, you could read that as an endorsement of Obama’s stimulus, since the business was a liquidation business that may do better business in a poor economy.

  2. Reblogged this on Carver County Current and commented:
    It’s Obama’s fault. That’s the best you could come up with?


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