Feckless and gutless

As noted in an earlier post today, four Republican Carver County Commissioner candidates have withdrawn from the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum on October 2, citing the League’s “decidedly leftist” views on policy issues and claim that the questions in past LWV forums “presumes an agreement with your world view”.

Well, let’s put that to the test, shall we?  I went back to the video of the 2010 League of Women Voters County Commissioner Forum and took a look at the questions they were asked.  (The Commissioner video starts at about the 45:00 mark).

Here are the six questions that were asked (not including the opening and closing statements):

  1. Considering the decrease in aid from the State, what are your priorities for Carver County?
  2. Carver has been a rural county.  How do we maintain the rural/urban balance?
  3. The Carver County Community Development Agency (CDA) is responsible for community and economic development in the County.  Please assess the CDA’s record and suggest ways that it could change its operations.
  4. Do you feel that the decision to underwrite $10.8 million in bonds for the Oak Grove City Center project in Norwood-Young America was the correct one given the current economic conditions and the significant opposition of residents?
  5. Are you in favor of keeping the Public Health, Land, and Water Services Department in Chaska or moving them outside of Chaska and why?
  6. The 2011 County budget includes a 1.5% pay raise for county employees.  How do you justify this given the current economic environment?

These questions don’t seem “decidedly leftist” to me, nor do they assume a leftist world view.  In fact, two of the questions directly challenge spending decisions made by the then-current County Board.  All six questions allowed Republican candidates to talk about their vision of government and to advocate for the spending cuts they desired.

So what we’re seeing here from Messrs. Workman, Long, Beaudette, and Walter isn’t a legitimate gripe about the League putting its thumb on the scale.  It’s an attempt to duck real debate and to only have to talk to those within the conservative bubble.  The whole world, I’m afraid, doesn’t live there.  Sometimes, you have to talk to and even answer questions from people who don’t approvingly swallow everything you tell them.

It’s telling, of course, to note that the folks who the four candidates cite approvingly (the SW Metro Tea Party and Voices of Conservative Women) do endorse candidates and one of them has a PAC that spends on behalf of candidates.  We’re to believe that these organizations are more inclined to give a neutral platform?  Delusional is the word that come to mind.

The tough-talking fellas of the Carver County GOP need to grow up and show that they understand what it means to be an elected official.  If the ladies of LWV can make them cower and run away, they don’t stand much of a chance of actually solving the problems they claim exist in county government.

[UPDATE]:  The date of the forum was listed incorrectly above.  It has been corrected.


15 Responses to “Feckless and gutless”

  1. leanne.kunze@yahoo.com Reply September 17, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    Keep it up!

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  2. Great point Sean – “It’s an attempt to duck real debate and to only have to talk to those within the conservative bubble.” That would work if they were running against Democrats in a 60-40 district. But this is Carver County and 4/5 of the incumbents are Republicans. It just makes them look like they are petulant children.

    I think they are afraid the LWV will use their mind-control rays make them all go all crazy and demented like they did to poor mild-mannered Ernie. (Or maybe that was Obama’s fault – its hard to keep track)

    Seriously, it does make you wonder what they might be hiding if they won’t come to a public forum and answer pretty simple questions.

    • The only worry that these four should have — based on the previous questioning history — is that the LWV wouldn’t ask them about all the non-county issues that these guys are campaigning on.

      If the LWV isn’t going to ask about Obamacare or gun control or voter ID, Vince Beaudette isn’t going to have much to say.

      • What, you mean like the future of Highway 5 and 212, or the absurd amount of money the county spends on parks and trails, or how the county can encourage economic growth, or taxes, or actual issues that local people care about.

        You should go to the forum just to get Vince all wound up about the Marriage Amendment, set Frank off about Light Rail, and get Jim Walters going about clocks – judging from his campaign signs his hot-button issue is “time” and pocket watches. And Maybe Ernie will be there and we can get him to yell at some old people about Voter ID.

        And nuclear power!!!

        It takes a certain temperament to attract voters and to effectively serve in office. These guys don’t has it. And I can easily say that since there are perfectly good GOP incumbents in 3 of the 5 seats and a nice non-crazy challenger for the fourth one – I get to keep my Republican hatpin.

  3. We didn’t know about the letter until last yesturday. We have not been approached and we would not consent to cohost a forum at this time because we are endorsing 2012 candidates and the timetable to the election.

    VOICESPAC has endorsed a candidate in the Carver County Commissioner race and therefore it would not be appropriate to cohost with the LWV, SWMTPP or any other org.

    If there are questions, 6124601870 or email voicespac@voicesofconservativewomen.org

    Jennifer DeJournett, President
    VOICES of Conservative Women

  4. The LWV doesn’t co-sponsor debates (and certainly not with “partisan” partners).

    Besides, the forum is scheduled for October 2, not October 13. Wonder where that came from?


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