Chanhassen LWV Voter ID presentation set for September 18

What’s this hubbub been about?  Well, you can find out on soon.  The Eastern Carver County League of Women Voters will be holding another presentation on the Voter ID amendment on Tuesday, September 18.

Gwen Myers of the Minnesota League of Women Voters will be presenting at 7 p.m. at the Chanhassen Rec Center (2310 Coulter Boulevard).  Additionally, a representative from the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office will be available to answer questions on existing election law (this representative will not be taking a position on the amendment).


7 Responses to “Chanhassen LWV Voter ID presentation set for September 18”

  1. I’ve got my sign ready!!

  2. Don’t bother, signs are not allowed in meeting hall.

    • It’s a small one. Just a card that I’ll raise once in a while. It’s a cartoon that will be applicable.

      • So when are you having your own public forum so people can do the same?

        • You can check with proponents for any events. I won’t attned those, because I already now what they will say is accurate, unlike this meeting where data will be presented that has nothing to do with our amendment.

        • I’ll let you know if we decide to do one. We are actually discussing having an event at our meeting. Wanna bet right now on the civility of opponents, if any show up? We’ll probably get glittered, or egged, or sprayed, something physicaln on top of the yelling and screaming the left always does at these things, like they did to Ernie.

          Any takers?

    • Proabably wont attend anyway. Kids football games on Tuesdays. Better than listening to re-hashed BS anyway.

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