Yet more problems for Ernie Leidiger

Recently, we’ve documented some of State Rep. Ernie Leidiger’s business troubles as well as his conflict with the local League of Women Voters.  Well, there are a couple of more items that have happened recently that you should know about.

In July, one of Leidiger’s businesses, Jelco Parts Inc., had another lawsuit judgment docketed against it, this one to Minnesota Supply Company (Case 27-CV-12-15539).  The Court determined that Leidiger’s business owes Minnesota Supply Company $1,149.45.  This is now the fourth case that Leidiger’s businesses have lost in the last 18 months, racking up over $40,000 in judgments.

Also, in July, as reported in the August 24, 2012 edition of the Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Journal, Leidiger had a state tax lien entered against him in the amount of $14,686 for withholding taxes not paid.  This is not the sort of example our elected leaders should be setting.

Edit:  h/t to the person who notified me about the tax lien.  Thanks!


17 Responses to “Yet more problems for Ernie Leidiger”

  1. Yeah, I suppose it’s odd that a Republican would would have a tax problem. i guess he’ll be a member of Obama’s cabinet next.

    this is an example of a business that’s been hurt by this lousy economy. I understand why Ernie wants to make a difference. Socialism means failed businesses.

  2. I own a business. The trickle down theory is b.s. If we get a tax break, it would go to pay down debt, not to hire people. Many of the small business owners I know feel the same way. There’s a lot of us out here. (By the way, our company was founded 30 years ago, so I’m not some neophyte.)

    But to get to the actual blog post, it isn’t “a” tax problem. It is part of a disturbing pattern that Mr. Leidiger seems to have. Nice try at distracting from the real issue, though!

    • I guess I’m lucky in that I have no debt in my business. My intern was hired by another outfit, and I was scaled back already anyway, so it’s back to just me. After the election cycle is over, I’ll be ramping back up, and expanding again. I’m too busy helping on campaigns to add more clients, and even that has me up to my neck. Which is why I was working on Labor Day. I cut my expenses way back this year compared to last, so I’ll come out about the same in the end. I actually do fairly well no matter who is President, or no matter the economy. I’m really looking forward to the new Romney economy for a huge 2013!

    • JFK thought lowering taxes during a bad economy was the way to go. If only that reality existed in today’s Democrats. I’d give my right arm for a JFK Democrat Party leader.

  3. I handle the books for our business, meaning at times I have to chase down customers for payment. In general, most companies, including ours, will work out a payment plan or accept credit card payment. I find it quite alarming that Minnesota Supply had to get a judgement for such a small amount. Apparently, Leidiger & Jelco Parts are in serious trouble. That’s very sad, especially for all the employees. It has been a tough four years or so for all of us, but thankfully it seems that things are starting to look up.

  4. Reblogged this on Carver County Current and commented:
    I’d say “WTF Ernie,” but I already used that one. And shockingly, the official party apologist has already come to his defense with a resounding “It’s Obama’s fault.” Seriously WTF people?!

    • Now I’m a party apologist. This from the bash Ernie Leidiger gang.

      Funny, you think I said it’s Obama’s fault. Logically, you just stated the recession belongs to Obama then. That’s contrary to the party mantra that Bush should be blamed for everything. You could have your membership revoked if you keep talking like that.

    • Jennifer, Drew, someone is being rude over at the Carver County Communist. You better straighten him out.

  5. Ernie so far:
    invited Bradlee Dean to the House,
    violated Campaign finance laws,
    yelled at old people,
    can’t seem to run a business,
    and doesn’t pay his taxes.

    We deserve better representation, period.

    What would he have to do that you wouldn’t defend? Get caught with a teenage boy in the woods behind a rest area? Drive off a bridge and drown someone? Arms for hostages?

    Thanks for the “Communist” remark, comrade. Вели́к те́лом, да мал де́лом

    • Bradley Dean, no big deal
      Campaign finance, overblown and petty
      Did NOT yell at old people, but nice try
      Has several successful business adventures – you focus on one that is troubled
      Has a tax issue with one business which has been damaged by the economy.

      What do we deserve. Some honesty from the left would be nice.

      • If Ernie has several successful business ventures, why doesn’t he have anything listed on his latest economic disclosure form? Or is he playing loose with those regulations as well?

      • So a lawmaker that doesn’t follow the law is “petty” and Bradlee Dean is “no big deal” to you. Is that the official party line on this buffoon? Every business has been “damaged by Obama’s crappy economy, yet most people pay their taxes. But hey, it’s OK because Ernie’s got (R) next to his name. We deserve better.


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