Chaska-Chanhassen HS math test score gap narrows again

Standardized test results from the 2011-12 school year were released Wednesday by the Minnesota Department of Education.  We’ll have several posts to break down the results, but let’s start by looking at the high school level.  The gap in math performance between the two high schools has been a major concern since the first test results were released in 2010 and showed a 27-point gap between the two schools that was largely driven by Chaska High School’s disappointing 43.6% result.

The 2011 results showed substantial progress, as the gap narrowed to 17 points, and the 2012 results show yet another strong gain, as the gap has now shrunk to about six and one-half points.

Source: Minnesota Department of Education

The 20 point narrowing of the gap over the last two years can be explained by a 15-point improvement in math performance at Chaska High School and a five-point decline in performance at Chanhassen High School over that time.  What is particularly notable is how the 2012 results show that Chaska High was able to pull away from its state average level performance, improving by 10 points in an environment when the state average declined by six points.

From a reading perspective, both schools continued to show performances above state averages.  Chaska High’s reading performance dropped back to historical levels after peaking at 91% last year.  In fact, the nine-point gap in reading in 2012 is larger than the gap in math.

Source: Minnesota Department of Education


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