Stadium bill passes final hurdle in Senate; Ortman votes no

The Minnesota Senate approved the proposal to build a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings today by a vote of 36-30.  Carver County’s State Senator, Julianne Ortman, voted no on the proposal.   This was the final legislative hurdle for the bill, and the final action taken by the Legislature this session.  Both houses have adjourned, and the 2012 campaign is underway.

Governor Mark Dayton may sign the bill as soon as this afternoon.  Various reports indicate that team owner Zygi Wilf is en route to the state.


2 Responses to “Stadium bill passes final hurdle in Senate; Ortman votes no”

  1. Just wondering if your Governor plans on signing HF322. We need sosme justice on the custody front. Big time. It’s a weak start, but it’s a start.

  2. Ortman vote No but she knew the count in advance. If it was not known in advance that the Stadium was going to get enough votes, then how would she vote, and how much did she do to stop it? The Conference Committee between the House Bill and the Senate Bill went to great lengths to circumvent the Open Meeting State Law, so the press and public could be kept out. the leaders of both parties and the members of the conference committee should be indicted. If that can’t or won’t be done, they should be held accountable by the Ethic Committee of the House and Senate.

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