House passes final Vikings stadium bill; Leidiger votes no, Hoppe votes yes

The Minnesota House approved the conference committee version of the bill to build a new Minnesota Vikings stadium on a 71-60 vote last night.  Carver County’s House delegation split on the vote, with Rep. Joe Hoppe voting yes and Rep. Ernie Ledigier voting no, just as they did on the original version of the bill Monday night.

Here are the key provisions of the final bill:

  • Here is the final breakdown of the financing:  the team’s contribution will be $477 million ($50 million higher than what they originally committed to), the state’s contribution will be $348 million, and the City of Minneapolis will contribute $150 million.
  • The state’s portion of the financing will be handled by allowing electronic pulltabs and bingo.  If those sources do not produce adequate revenue to cover the state’s portion of the expense, the following provisions will “blink on” (in order) to cover the funding gap:  a sports-themed lottery game, and a 10% tax on suites in the new stadium.
  • The length of the team’s lease will be 30 years.
  • Cost overruns on construction of the stadium will be the responsibility of the builder.  (That should make for some interesting negotiations upfront with the company selected as the general contractor for the facility!)
  • Naming rights revenue will count towards the team’s contribution
  • The team receives a five-year exclusive arrangement to bring a Major League Soccer franchise into the facility
  • Provisions instituting an internet sales tax and financing for the Mall of America expansion were removed from the bill

The Minnesota Senate will take up the bill later today.  You can watch the action here.  State Senator Julianne Ortman has indicated she will vote no on the current proposal because she does not favor using gambling as the means to fund the facility.  If the Senate passes the bill, it will go to Governor Mark Dayton for his signature.

[UPDATE]:  Correction made to the MLS provision.  The bill does contain a provision that would charge rent to the prospective MLS team.


3 Responses to “House passes final Vikings stadium bill; Leidiger votes no, Hoppe votes yes”

  1. I would recommend anyone who is upset with Hoppe’s yes vote, to contact him and find out why he did so. I found his answers to be very forthright, and also necessary. I won’t speak for him, but there’s alot more going on than just the amendments in these proceedings. It’s pretty fascinating when you hear all of the inside baseball stuff that goes on in St. Paul.


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