Ortman’s Senate Tax Committee looking to get in on Vikings stadium bill [UPDATED]

State Senator Julianne Ortman has requested that the Senate Tax Committee (of which Ortman is the Chair) review the Minnesota Vikings stadium bill.  The bill is currently being heard in the Senate Finance Committee, which was thought to have been the bill’s last stop before going to the full Senate for a vote.

The Senate Tax Committee is considered to have a strong anti-stadium tilt, so a hearing in the committee could stop the bill in its tracks.  Ortman herself is frequently listed as a likely stadium opponent, given her “no” vote on Target Field and past public statements expressing “neutrality” and some skepticism on this issue.

[UPDATE]:  State Senator Claire Robling, the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, indicated in today’s hearing that their committee will be forwarding the bill to Ortman’s Tax Committee instead of the floor of the Senate.


4 Responses to “Ortman’s Senate Tax Committee looking to get in on Vikings stadium bill [UPDATED]”

  1. Do you think that this story and the previous story “gets a second GOP challenger” have anything to do with each other?

    • There’s any number of possible motivations one could ascribe to Sen. Ortman on this action. We’ll have to see how the hearing goes tomorrow (presuming the Finance Cmte is going to move the bill today) to see which one ends up fitting the best.

    • From waht I hear, this has nothing to do with any challengers. This bill would have been coming to her committee anyway, due to the tax implications with the bill. Any bill that affects taxes comes to her comittee eventually, is my understanding.

  2. Well, it barely passed the tax committee in a 7-6 vote. Seems all of the speculation was a bit off.

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