DFL files complaint against Leidiger over speeding ticket paid with campaign funds

The Star Tribune reports that the DFL Party has filed a complaint with the Office of Administrative Hearings over the story we broke here earlier in the week regarding Rep. Ernie Leidiger’s payment of a speeding ticket out of his campaign account.

Leidiger’s response?

Leidiger told the Star Tribune this week he didn’t see the reimbursement as a problem and that nobody had complained. He said he donates more than $1,000 to his own campaign, so paying the ticket should not be a problem.

“To me,” he said. “It seems appropriate.”

So, this was not an innocent mistake.  Rep. Leidiger apparently selectively chose to ignore state campaign finance rules.



6 Responses to “DFL files complaint against Leidiger over speeding ticket paid with campaign funds”

  1. You pretty certain that a rule has been broken with no evidence that any was. It point makes sense that one legitimate disbursement is a return to a donor. And he being a donor, wouldn’t be guilty of anything but reporting the number incorrectly.

    • If there’s nothing wrong, why did Leidiger submit an amended campaign finance report? If there’s nothing wrong, no amendment would be necessary.

  2. Clarification. End the confusion. The 178.00 wasn’t a valid transportation expense. It should have been classified differently is all. It should have been return to donor disbursement, rather than a traffic expense. No big deal.

  3. Wrong – return to donor does not apply here. That is for donations that have been accepted and deposited in error. For example, a contribution from a lobbyist during legislative session. Another example is accepting a contribution from a donor that puts them over the legally allowed contribution limit – the excess must be returned to the donor.

    • You may be right, but that’s not clear from the list. It just states returns to donors. Ernie’s a donor. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Rather than fight about whether or not it’s applicable, the modificagtions have been to pay the ticket from personal funds, and re-imburse the campmaign fund. Again, it’s still no big deal. The corrections were set into motion well before any ethics complaint was issued, so the board was satisified and all is well.

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