Chaska Herald: Patron Mexican Restaurant opens

The Chaska Herald reports that Patron Mexican Restaurant opened yesterday in the former La Quebrada/River City Pub/Chestnuts location at the corner of MN-41 and Second Street in downtown Chaska.

No website is yet available for the restaurant.


One Response to “Chaska Herald: Patron Mexican Restaurant opens”

  1. WARNING: Patron Restaurant in Chaska, WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!! 3 hours too eat is RIDICULOUS!!! Servers and people flying around running into you, no room for waiting, and it seemed like they didn’t even know or care that you were there. The wait to get a table was miserable, to get a drink at the bar while waiting for a table was miserable and after an hour and a half we finally get a table. Once at the table we didn’t get service except from the guy that brings chips and salsa. Sat for another 20 mins before we got our waitress and then she brought the wrong drinks after she even wrote it down on her notepad. Finally ordered and food took another half an hour to get. I will say the entries were fare to good but nothing like El Loro!!! Then we go to pay and we can’t use our coupon because it’s Cinco De Mayo…UMMMMMM….REALLY???? This coupon and SMALL PRINT said NOTHING about not able to use on a “Holiday!” They were not willing to work with us WHAT so ever for an outcome that would work for everyone. The “Manager on duty” actually walked away from us!!!! WHO THE HECK DOES THAT? We had to pay in full, walk out, re-think a strategy and go back in. Once we went back in they spoke to us again and finally agreed to pay us back some money. As we walked out the “Manager on Duty” said AND I QUOTE…”And never come back!” Ahhhh, way to be professional and courteous. Any other place of business would have taken care of this right away and worked something out with a customer. NEVER EAT AT PATRON IN CHASKA!!!!!

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