GOP Legislature is not popular; Dayton at 50% approval

KSTP-TV and SurveyUSA released results of their latest survey tracking approval of Governor Mark Dayton and the GOP-controlled State Legislature last night.

Dayton fares significantly better than his legislative counterparts.  Dayton’s overall approval rating is at 50% (73% among DFLers, 42% among Independents, and 26% from Republicans).

The GOP-controlled State Legislature is at 17% for an overall approval rating (30% from Republicans, 16% from Democrats, and 11% from Independents).   Of particular concern to Republicans should be that last number — the legislature is faring worse among Independents than Democrats, which may mean that Republicans are in for a tough fight to retain their legislative majorities.


One Response to “GOP Legislature is not popular; Dayton at 50% approval”

  1. Given the lack of coverage by state media over Dayton’s missteps on his response to the PUC refusal, it’s not surprising. When I hear people talk about the event, and I explain Dayton’s retraction and apology, folks seem to think that maybe he’s kind of a jerk.

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