Roomin’ with the Rep: You Can Journey to Ernie’s House

It’s not indicated if access to the Bradlee Dean video library is included, but Rep. Ernie Leidiger is renting out a room in the family farmhouse in Camden Township just south of Mayer via Craigslist. (Leidiger is apparently handling the rental himself, although the property is owned by his wife Jan and sister-in-law Linda.)

You could be the yellow one. (via Wikipedia)

For $525 a month, you get a bedroom with private bath in the 2,250 square foot residence.  Utilities, internet, cable TV and washer and dryer are included as well.  Cats and dogs are OK, too.  Based on the pictures, it looks like a very clean and nice place.

The side benefits of renting a room from Rep. Leidiger are numerous, though, and not listed in the ad.  Imagine hearing all about the GOP’s exciting plans for the next legislative session!  Or getting an explanation for voting against new science and technology facilities at state colleges.  Maybe he’ll tell you why he flip-flopped on K-12 funding shifts.  It would be like your own personal ALEC seminar, with horse stables and a storage building included!

(For those of you wondering, since the address is not on the ad:  Two sources familiar with the Leidiger farm have confirmed this is his residence.  The phone number listed in the ad also matches the phone number on Leidiger’s House profile.  Thanks to the tipster who alerted me to the listing.)


10 Responses to “Roomin’ with the Rep: You Can Journey to Ernie’s House”

  1. And I notice you left out that you might hear about how the state now has a projected surplus due to the hard work of folks like Ernie.

    Maybe you should take a moment and actually talk to him, rather than just cowardly blog post about things he does that don’t fit your agenda. Seems to me things are getting much better at the state level under GOP control of the houses. Our state is in a better place, financially, and as more of these reforms are enacted, we may even more surpluses ahead. And imagine if the economy turns arouns as well. After all that is by far the best way to raise government revenue, is to have a solid growing economy.

    • No, I didn’t leave it out. The state doesn’t have a surplus because of what this Legislature did. Most of the surplus comes from additional carryover from the previous biennium and savings from Gov. Dayton’s decision to opt-in early to new Medicaid funding available thanks to the Affordable Care Act, as I documented when the surplus was announced.

      I would be more than happy to have a personal discussion with Rep. Leidiger. In fact, I have attempted to engage Rep. Leidiger (my representative) on several occasions since he was elected, and he has never returned my messages. He could use a lesson in constituent services from Sen. Ortman, who although we disagree on many issues, takes time to respond to her constituents.

      • Your saying it doesn’t make it so. There are many factors in the surplus projections, including spending reductions from what was originally proposed and increases in revenues from businesses and taxpayers despite holding the line on these taxes.

        As to getting Ernie’s attention, I can tell you that I talk to him regularly, by showing up where he is going to be. I send correspondence to candidates and have a tough time getting responses unless I seek them out. They receive so much email that other than getting a canned response, your best bet is to find them and talk to them. Another way is to avoid making fun them as Sesame Street characters, or claiming someone who makes a compromise, a flip-flopper.

        • MMB’s own document says it — $526 million is carryover from the previous fiscal year. An additional $348 million comes from reduced spending. $154 million of that amount comes from Dayton’s opt-in to federal programs. So, on the whole, the current legislature can claim credit for about 1/4 of the surplus.

          Does Rep. Leidiger post his schedule anywhere? His House website and campaign website do not, and I don’t have an interest in attending Republican Party or Tea Party functions to have a dialogue with him (nor should I have to attend such functions to do so). Whether or not I agree with Rep. Leidiger or not should matter little in terms of how he addresses me as a constituent. My communications with Rep. Leidiger’s office have been professional and respectful, and I have only taken a harsher tone on the blog as he has failed to respond. You were very hard on the District 112 leadership, yet they took the time to respond to you.

  2. The district responded to me, because I attended their open house. They then responded to my letter in the paper, and even came forward with the truth about the entire budget, something they were unwilling to do on the literature they sent out.

    I can tell you these representatives get thousands of emails requesting an audience. They do not have the time to respond to all of them. I’m the new communications chair for the GOP BPOU, and I have a hard time getting through. If you have something you would like a response to from Ernie, you can submit it at our website, and I can try to get answers to your questions. The site is

    • Right — the district held an open house. In contrast, Rep. Leidiger hasn’t held a town hall since he’s been elected. His only real “public” appearances that I’m aware of are at partisan events.

    • BTW, thank you for your offer to get some questions to Ernie. I will take you up on it and submit something on the Carver GOP website.

  3. Ernie's conscience Reply January 11, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    Ernie Leidiger is probably too busy being a free loading piece of **** to answer any of your inquiries. If you do get a chance to talk to him, why not ask him how his business is doing? Ask him how his friends are over at the IRS. Next time you elect an official, do a little background check. This guy is about as sleazy as it gets.

  4. I actually spoke to Ernie about your questions last night, but then we were side-tracked by more important business. I’m guessing with the current content on the page, he’s probably lost interest. I know I have.

    • That’s disappointing to hear. The questions were legitimate policy questions that he should have a position on. I’d be happy to run his answers unedited.

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