Walmart seeking to open location in Chanhassen

The Chanhassen Villager is reporting that Walmart is seeking to build a 120,000 supercenter on the southwest corner of MN-5 and Powers Blvd.  The proposal will come before Chanhassen’s Planning Commission on November 1, and would go before the City Council on November 28.  If approved, construction would begin next spring and the store would open in 2013.

Site plans can be viewed on the City of Chanhassen website.


4 Responses to “Walmart seeking to open location in Chanhassen”

  1. Thanks, but no thanks! The last thing we need on Hwy 5 and Powers is more traffic. We need to beautify Chan not add a Supercenter. If you want to build in Chan how about along the new 212 where there is room for traffic?

    • If you look at the site plan, they’re really jamming the store in there, plus they’re not showing any expansion on Park Road. I suspect you’re going to see a lot of public comment at the Planning Commission and City Council meetings.

  2. NO WALMART! We already have Target!

  3. There is no need for a Walmart store so close to another big store (Target) in Chanhassen. The unproductive competition (such as grocery department at Target) is already hurting the established businesses (Cub Food, Byerly’s), and smaller stores (drug store, hardware store, and others) will also suffer. So why would we want to gain a big store selling cheap stuff just to fill up a currently vacant space, and then see others leave Chanhassen leaving many empty spaces. Economy is not good but should not stay bad forever; we should not and can not sell the future of our community for such short term gains (which is by the way how the whole economy got into the current mess).

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