Don’t forget: Leidiger voted to cut K-12 first

As we’ve noted previously, legislative Republicans have taken great pride in their K-12 education funding “accomplishments” during the last session.

But we shouldn’t forget what happened early in the session when the Republican caucus was working on bills without the restraint of worrying about what was acceptable to Governor Dayton.   House File 934 was the omnibus education finance bill.

During the run-up to the first passage of the bill in March, Rep. Mark Buesgens of Jordan brought an amendment to the floor of the House.  The Buesgens amendment would have cut the per-pupil funding rate by $15 and reduced funding for early childhood education — what would have been a total of $25 million in cuts over the next two years.

The amendment went down to defeat by a rousing 112-16 count.  Among the 16 who voted in favor of these cuts:  Rep. Ernie Leidiger of Mayer.

So, if you hear Rep. Leidiger talking about his votes for increased education funding, make sure to ask him why he first voted for K-12 education cuts earlier in the session.

(h/t Bluestem Prairie and Winona Daily News)


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