Ernie Leidiger grovels to Bradlee Dean [UPDATE #2 9/15]

The good folks at DumpMicheleBachmann call our attention to Rep. Ernie Leidiger’s appearance on Bradlee Dean’s radio show on September 3.  There, Leidiger totally recants his criticism of Dean in the wake of Dean’s controversial appearance giving the invocation near the end of the legislative session.  You can also listen to the complete interview on Dean’s website, with Leidiger appearing at about the 25 minute mark.

It’s truly sad to see my state representative groveling to a person like Dean.

[UPDATE]:  Three key takeaways, if you don’t want to sit through the entire interview.

  1. Leidiger admits to attending a screening of Dean’s “My War” documentary.  Previously, Leidiger had said he was only familiar with Dean’s school presentations.
  2. Leidiger agrees with Dean on the need to protect children from the “homosexual agenda”
  3. Leidiger says there’s nothing “radical” about Dean or his ministry.

Check out our other coverage of the Leidiger/Dean fiasco:

Original post regarding House invocation

Dean’s July response to Leidiger

There’s also a lot more to Ernie Leidiger’s freshman term in the House than just this incident.  Read our Ernie Leidiger archive for more.

[UPDATE #2]:  For some history on Bradlee Dean and racial issues, see this post from DumpMicheleBachmann.  Just this past weekend, Dean said this:

“We hear people talk about our forefathers like they were bad [unintelligible]. Of course, you are hearing that from the left only and you are hearing that from black folk, so on and so forth, they use the excuse of slavery.”

Yes, one can only wonder why “black folk” would think slavery might be a demerit on the records of the founding fathers.  This is the kind of person Ernie Leidiger is now proud to associate himself with.



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