Feeling a little Surly? [UPDATED]

After its successful drive last legislative session to get approval to build a “destination brewery”, the Surly Brewing Company is moving forward on identifying potential sites for the building.  According to the Star Tribune, one of the cities stepping forward as a suitor is Chaska.

Don’t get your hopes up yet, as Surly’s current home — Brooklyn Center — is expected to make a strong pitch to keep the brewery.  Meanwhile, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak was one of Surly’s biggest cheerleaders during the legislative session and city staff have already reviewed 20 potential sites with Surly officials.  But if nothing else, it’s good for Chaska to be in on the conversation and it demonstrates the city’s aggressiveness is pursuing new, unique opportunities for economic development.

[UPDATE]:  The Chaska Herald reports the city is pitching the Chaska Building Center site to Surly officials, so far to no response.


2 Responses to “Feeling a little Surly? [UPDATED]”

  1. OMG. I was going to jokingly reply to this yesterday and say that I’m sure the city would love to put them on the old Chaska Building Center site.

    More proof this city just doesn’t have the right people in place to improve the business culture.

    Be creative, like Surly. Use eminent domain and get some land near the river, or grab an old farm and combine it with some locally grown farmers. Think.

  2. I’m sure the folks at City Hall figured that Surly was worth throwing the “Hail Mary” for, even though Chaska as a whole would be considered a long shot even if there already was a suitable riverfront location ready to build on. But perhaps this sort of idea will encourage some other ideas about the riverfront area east of 41 that’s slated to be residential under the new Downtown Master Plan.

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