Bluestem Prairie on Ernie Leidiger’s spending flip-flops and the future

Sally Jo Sorensen at Bluestem Prairie beats me to the punch and points out some telling quotes from Ernie Leidiger in the Chaska Herald/Chanhassen Villager’s recap of the legislative session.

The particular quote that raises eyebrows:

In the aftermath, Leidiger claimed in an e-mail to the newspaper that he and 15 other conservative GOP House members indeed planned to vote against the budget bills until Republican leaders promised them a conservative slant on next session’s agenda.

“The conservatives stayed together and were assured conservative policies would prevail in the future,” he said.

One wonders what Speaker Kurt Zellers and Leidiger have in mind that would be more conservative than the agenda Republicans pursued this session.




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    […] are numerous, though, and not listed in the ad.  Imagine hearing all about the GOP’s exciting plans for the next legislative session!  Or getting an explanation for voting against new science and technology facilities at state […]

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