Bradlee Dean vs. Ernie Leidiger: who’s not telling the truth here?

Pastor Bradlee Dean, whose invocation caused significant controversy at the end of the legislative sessionwas recently interviewed by City Pages.  In the interview, Dean was asked about Rep. Ernie Leidiger, who invited Dean to give the invocation.  Afterwards, Leidiger proclaimed he was not aware of Dean’s views on homosexuality.

CP: Was it [Ernie] Leidiger that invited you?

BDS: He came to one of our events, and sat there and watched the whole debunking.

He knows what was done, he sat and watched the whole program. I think what happened was that it was brand new. Listen, when the media first comes down on you, it’s not a secure feeling.

We went through it, but the bottom line is I just don’t think he was really for it. But what was interesting is, when we did the event, he was there and he was the first one to stand up, “We need to get behind these guys. We need to stand up.”

CP: So Leidiger was at an event?

BDS: He’s seen the whole thing.  One of the documentary premieres.

It seems somebody isn’t telling the truth here.  Is it Bradlee Dean or Ernie Leidiger?


3 Responses to “Bradlee Dean vs. Ernie Leidiger: who’s not telling the truth here?”

  1. I’m with Bradlee on this one. God help me.


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