Shutdown silliness continues [UPDATED]

Here’s what our Carver County legislators are up to during the shutdown.  Working hard to forge a compromise, you would hope.  Well, not so much.

Sen. Julianne Ortman has a commentary in the Chaska Herald this week decrying the “Constitutional crisis of the governor’s making“.  Unfortunately, Ortman repeats many of the same-old, same-old recycled nonsense that we’ve heard so many times before.  No, the GOP budget is not a 6% increase in spending.  It’s also interesting to hear what Sen. Ortman believes is a “Constitutional crisis”.   She was perfectly fine two years ago with Governor Pawlenty’s illegal unallotments.  (Note the decision in the unallotment case was written by Republican jurist and Pawlenty appointee Eric Magnuson.)  It seems that what qualifies as a “Constitutional crisis” to Sen. Ortman is when Republicans don’t get their way.

Rep. Ernie Leidiger is unapologetic about taking his salary during the shutdown.  He also continues to ignore any constituents that share contrary opinions.  I know for a fact that many residents have sent messages to Leidiger complaining about his unwillingness to compromise, a fact that he publicly denies.  Leidiger is also a party along with Glencoe Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen in a lawsuit designed to end the emergency funding authorized by Ramsey Court District Court Chief Judge Kathleen Gearin.  If Leidiger and cohorts win their lawsuit, all services of the government — including public safety and other functions deemed critical by Judge Gearin — would shut down.

Rep. Joe Hoppe is, as usual, keeping a low profile.  He missed his usual appearance in the Chanhassen Fourth of July parade and hasn’t responded to local media asking about taking salary during the shutdown.  If you can find him, please let him know his constituents are wondering about why he is doing that.

[UPDATE]:  What you don’t see from any of our reps are new ideas to bridge the gap between them and Governor Mark Dayton.  You want to be serious about your job?  You want to earn your pay, Sen. Ortman, Rep. Leidiger, and Rep. Hoppe?  Then, get to work and start working on a compromise that everybody can accept.  That’s what being serious about your job means.  Get off the sidelines and put the interests of the state ahead of the political interests of your party.


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