Ortman keeps getting paid while 23,000 state workers don’t

Yesterday, the list of House members still getting paid during the government shutdown was released.  Ernie Leidiger and Joe Hoppe are still collecting their paychecks while thousands of state workers are not.  Today, the Senate list was released.

Chanhassen’s Sen. Julianne Ortman is still collecting her paycheck, too. 

It would be nice if our Representatives would walk their talk when it comes to government spending.  If they care so much for government employees, show us a sign that you understand the mess that you’ve gotten the state into and give up the paycheck and per diem until this is resolved.


2 Responses to “Ortman keeps getting paid while 23,000 state workers don’t”

  1. johnbvarone@gmail.com Reply July 6, 2011 at 10:51 am

    Does the word hypocrite ring a bell?


  1. Shutdown silliness continues [UPDATED] | Brick City Blog - July 12, 2011

    […] and Governor Mark Dayton.  You want to be serious about your job?  You want to earn your pay, Sen. Ortman, Rep. Leidiger, and Rep. Hoppe?  Then, get to work and start working on a compromise that […]

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