Republicans wanted complete capitulation on divisive social agenda to balance budget

In the last post, we talked about the debt-laden revenue offers from Republican leaders.  Now, we find out what Republicans wanted in return for those revenues — the entire laundry list of Republican social policy.  You can read the entire list at the link, but here’s a few of the more notable provisions:

  • Collective bargaining “reform” in public schools
  • Stem cell research restrictions
  • Ban of abortions after 20 weeks
  • No state funding of abortion
  • Voter ID
  • “15 by 15” bill
  • Prevailing wage reform
  • Tort reform
  • Acceptance of the Republican redistricting plan

Republicans just can’t help themselves, it seems.  They talk about being concerned about the budget and spending, but when push comes to shove, it’s always about their divisive social agenda.  When faced with the prospect of a potential government shutdown, Republicans put these issues ahead of the serious financial issues we face as a state.


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