Let me get this straight, Speaker Zellers

Speaker of the House Kurt Zellers on why they couldn’t accept Gov. Mark Dayton’s last offer:

We will not saddle our children and grandchildren with mounds of debts, with promises for funding levels that will not be there in the future.  This is debt that they can’t afford. It’s debt that we can’t afford right now.

Let’s look at what the last Republican budget compromise offer consisted of:

  • An additional K-12 education funding shift ($700 million)
  • Issuing bonds against future tobacco settlement payments (estimated at about $300 million)

Both of these compromises are debt-based solutions to the budget problem. 

Say what you will about Gov. Dayton’s desire for more spending versus Republican proposals, he at least provides a revenue stream to support it.  The Republican plan would tack on additional debt to future budget cycles, and continue the Pawlentyesque tradition of kicking the can down the road with gimmicks and one-time changes.



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