Not one more

Yesterday, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton issued his second revised budget proposal.  This proposal would balance the remaining $3.6 billion deficit (both parties have agreed to extend the K-12 school payment shift) through an even split of spending cuts and tax increases — a reduction of $1.6 billion from Dayton’s original tax increase plan.  The plan would limit income tax increases to those making over $250,000 and filing jointly or $150,000 for individuals (the top 2% of taxpayers), and Dayton also removed his proposed property tax increases on homes valued at over $1 million.

Legislative Republicans were dismissive of the Governor’s proposal.  Over 30 members of the GOP delegation have started the “Not a Penny More” caucus, indicating that they won’t approve any budget proposal that goes over the projected $34 billion in revenue.  They’ve even got shiny new lapel pins!

When I hear about this caucus, it makes me wonder.  Who’s going to start the “Not One More Kid Who Can’t Go To College Because Tuition Went Up Again” caucus? 

Is anyone going to be a part of the “Not One More Senior Citizen Who Can’t Get Meals on Wheels” caucus? 

Where do you sign up for the “Not One More Working Family Without Health Care” caucus?  

How about the “Not One More Bridge in Substandard Condition” caucus? 

Whose interests are being served by this agenda?  Why is it more important to eliminate the renters’ tax credit for working families or stop buying eyeglasses for people on Minnesota Care or cut tax credits for adoption than to protect the top 2% from a modest tax increase?  When do we start protecting the things that made Minnesota great instead of tearing them down and racing to the bottom?


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