16 Facts on the Middle Class Squeeze

Some shocking numbers, courtesy of the Atlantic magazine:

  1. 33% of working age men don’t have jobs
  2. 74% of American families are planning on reducing spending this year
  3. Gasoline prices are up $1 this year
  4. Average property taxes paid have increased 20% since 2005
  5. Eight million Americans are behind on their mortgages, while 33% owe more than their house is worth
  6. The average homeowner in foreclosure hasn’t made a payment in 17 months, up from 11 months two years ago
  7. 13% of homes nationwide are vacant
  8. There are two million more children in poverty today than two years ago
  9. Half of American workers earn less than $500 a week, and the median weekly wage has declined $37 since 2000
  10. Credit card debt is up 800% over the last 30 years
  11. Americans now owe over $900 billion in student loans, an all-time high
  12. 1,500,000 Americans filed for bankruptcy in 2010, the fourth straight year the number has increased
  13. The number of Americans without health insurance has increased 14 million — to 52 million — over the last decade
  14. 60% of bankruptcies have unpaid medical bills as a major cause and many of these bankruptcies are people who have health insurance
  15. Median household net worth has declined 23% since 2007
  16. 25% of American households have zero or negative net worth

While politicians fiddle around with birth certificates, voter ID, banning gay marriage (which is already illegal), tax handouts for the wealthy and corporations, and numerous other distractions in Washington and St. Paul, real people are dealing with real problems.

It’s time for our representatives to get back to work on behalf of all the people — not special interests, not corporations, not big money campaign donors.  We can’t afford to wait any longer.

(h/t Leanne)



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