District 112 OKs $2.4 million in budget cuts

At their April 14 meeting, the Eastern Carver County School Board passed a package of $2.4 million in budget cuts that cover the next two school years. 

Here are some of the primary areas being cut:

Instruction ($765,000):  Class sizes will be increased by 0.32 students, resulting in a reduction of 4.5 FTEs, there will be reductions in remedial help for middle and high school students, and reduced ELL staffing

Administration ($541,400):  The Assistant Superintendent position will be eliminated in 2012, a reduction in deans for the secondary schools, a reduction in lead teachers for the elementary schools, and the Area Learning Program will now be administered by Chanhassen High School personnel.

Instructional Support ($426,719):  Significant reductions in clerical and technical support, registration will be centralized, and the secondary redesign will receive less implementation funding.

Operations ($321,000):  Staff reductions and restructuring.

Special Education ($204,200):  Reflects new contract with the Carver Scott Education Cooperative.

Student Activities ($140,000):  Activity and parking fees will increase, activities will be responsible for raising more of their own funding.


3 Responses to “District 112 OKs $2.4 million in budget cuts”

  1. Ouch! What percentage of the budget is that? In 1976 the total budget for ISD 169 was about a million… or maybe I’m just not remembering. MY GOSH, though, that hurts. We’ll see kids falling through so many cracks, and sooner or later we’ll see a lot of hurt in our general society. We used to be Minnesota smart, but soon we’ll be Minnesota lazy and uneducated.

  2. oops, I meant 191, not 169. Duh!

  3. It’s about 2 percent, so it’s not draconian by any means, but there certainly will be impacts.

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