Carver County GOP doesn’t understand what’s good for business

On the Carver County GOP webpage, a new blog post is up that asks “Why does the DFL hate Minnesota business so much?”

Let’s talk about what the GOP budget bills do for business — the principle accomplishment pointed to is the reduction of business property taxes.   All three of Carver County’s legislators — Senator Julianne Ortman, Representative Joe Hoppe, and Representative Ernie Leidiger voted for these bills.

The problem with this “accomplishment” is that is just isn’t true:  business property taxes will go up, not down under the GOP budget.

The Department of Revenue analysis of the GOP tax bill shows that property taxes for all classes of property in the state will go up in this bill because of the significant cuts to local government aid.  Business property taxes will increase by $63 million statewide next year thanks to these changes.

What Republicans in this state seem to have forgotten is that for business to be successful in this state you need to have the right conditions for it.  Businesses don’t create jobs just because they have extra money lying around — they create jobs because there is increasing demand for their products or services.  They create jobs because they have educated workforces who create competitive advantage.  They create jobs because we as a state have an infrastructure that enables our companies to compete and win with other states.

And, on these counts, Republicans have utterly failed this session.  Their policies would raise the tax burden of lower-income taxpayers.  In fact, the lower 40% of income earners ($35,000 and under) in the state would see their total tax burden increase, per the DoR analysis.

And, please don’t forget these other impacts of just the tax portion of what the GOP has passed here.

An important one to discuss is:  38,000 renters will no longer receive property tax refunds, and for those who continue to receive refunds, the average refund will drop from $643 to $343.  Sen. Julianne Ortman has flip-flopped on this issue.  In 2009, she fought against her own party to keep the renter credit in place.  No more.

We’ve seen what Republican policies mean for the lives of working families in Minnesota.  Under the Pawlenty Administration, Minnesota achieved the following results:

  • Employment growth and change in unemployment rate lagged the national average
  • Our rank in income and wages slipped
  • Pupil-to-teacher ratio fell to 37th in the nation
  • Miles of roads in poor or mediocre condition more than doubled

We can’t continue down this destructive path that the Republicans are trying to lead us.  Their policies don’t work, period — for businesses or for working families.



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