MISSING: One backbone

The March 10 edition of the Chanhassen Villager recounts the tale of Tom Devine, a Chanhassen resident and lifelong Republican who was a candidate for the University of Minnesota Board of Regents. 

Devine was “our best candidate for the job”, according to Rep. Ernie Leidiger (R-Mayer).  Which, of course, naturally means that Leidiger voted for former Republican Speaker of the House Steve Sviggum for the Second Congressional District seat and former Republican Rep. Laura Brod for the at-large seat on the board.   Devine was left out in the cold. 

That’s right:  Leidger didn’t vote for the person he thought was the most qualified for the job.  Why?

Unity will become extremely important as the session goes on and we tackle all the reform and budget bills going forward — Rep. Ernie Leidiger

Leidiger buckled to a perceived need for party unity — passing over the “best candidate” who just happens to be a Carver County resident (and a fellow Republican).  If Leidiger can’t muster up sufficient spine to stand up for his local community under these circumstances, just what will it take for him to cast a vote contrary to his party’s leadership?  (Sen. Julianne Ortman and Rep. Joe Hoppe both voted for Devine ahead of Sviggum, by the way.) 

The good news is that we have now identified another spending cut we can make towards balancing the budget.  We can tell Rep. Leidiger to stay home in Mayer, and just have the Republican House leadership vote on his behalf instead.  The results won’t be any different and we can save Leidiger’s salary and per diem.



  1. Leidiger invites Bradlee Dean to give explosive invocation on floor of MN House [UPDATED] | Brick City Blog - May 21, 2011

    […] UPDATE 3 (5/21):  With the heat of the moment passed, I’ll take Leidiger at his word that he didn’t know about Dean’s history.  But it shows that he didn’t even bother to do a simple Google search on Rev. Dean.  That would be consistent with Leidiger’s history supporting short-sighted legislation, making dubious claims about transportation funding,  protecting his patrons at expense of the people, backing unprecedented theft of dedicated local sales tax revenues to balance the budget, and putting party loyalty ahead of local concerns. […]

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