Ortman signalling how MN GOP will finesse the budget?

From today’s Star Tribune:

The Republican chairwoman of the state Senate Taxes Committee says she views tax breaks as state spending and says they should be reviewed to see if they should stay on the books.

Sen. Julianne Ortman says Wednesday that she expects a proposal to eliminate some tax breaks will be part of the larger attempt by legislative Republicans to eliminate a $6 billion budget shortfall.

Other Legislative Republicans have made similar signals in recent weeks, but none have had Ortman’s influence as the Chair of the Senate Taxes Committee.  So it looks like we won’t be seeing a purely “all cuts” budget from the MN GOP after all.  One has to wonder if there will be elements of the Republican caucus who won’t go along with such ideas — although there would seem to be an opening with such a position to move towards a compromise with Gov. Mark Dayton’s budget proposal from last week.

Such a compromise could be based on making the tax increases in Dayton’s budget temporary (and reducing them and/or expanding them to more taxpayers) combined with elimination of tax breaks.  Toss in a healthy amount of spending cuts and the framework of an agreement begins to come into shape — if the two sides are willing to work together and give up half a loaf to keep the state running.



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