Making the same mistakes over and over again?

La Quebrada Restauranto Mexicano and Cantina is reported to have opened in the former Chestnuts/Mi Casa location downtown. 

I haven’t had a chance to check it out as of yet, but I was wondering what the menu looked like and what prices were, so I thought I would go out and check the website to see what they were offering.  It was then I discovered that the restaurant doesn’t have a website.

Say what you will about the downtown business environment and question if you will whether the city has done enough to make it better, but it’s not the city’s fault that downtown restaurants continue to make fundamental errors in how they run their businesses. 

If there’s one thing that a restaurant owner who operates in downtown Chaska should have learned by now, it’s that you’ve got to market your restaurant — people aren’t going to just find you.   Every failed restaurant in the downtown area recently — with the exception of Pauly’s — didn’t do nearly enough to get its message out.


5 Responses to “Making the same mistakes over and over again?”

  1. Sadly La Quebrada is a train wreck! The food is OK and prices are decent. However, the service is horrendous. The entire staff was running around mindless. I can not remember a time in recent memory where service was worse. They could not even get the basics right; utensils before food, take a drink order, return for refills, chips, napkins, etc. I would have loved to finally have a good restaurant downtown, but the wait continues.

    • Thanks for the comment. I still haven’t had the opportunity to go, but every single person I have talked to that has been there has expressed serious disappointment in the service.

  2. Our worst dining experience ever! I don’t think anyone there has a clue as to how to run a restaurant! Wait staff running all over but doing nothing. I think we were ask at least 5 times if we had been helped and each time said no but still no one brought water, gave us a menu, or took an order for beverages or food. Finally we got a menu after I pulled a waiters sleeve as she walked by. The menu we got must have been a photo copy of the bigger, actual menu. Trouble was, it was shrunk down to fit 8×11 office paper so it was very hard to read. We finally got to order with many apologies and thanks for our patience from our waitress who looked like she was about to cry. After about 30 minutes my dining partners food came, cold, and still no utensils. 20 minutes later a platter was brought to me but it wasn’t what I had ordered. Another wait person, not any of the ones who had come to our table, came and ask how everything was. I told him the food was not what I had ordered, my partners food was cold, and all the other things that had gone wrong. He said he would take care of it and not charge me for the food I hadn’t ordered. When our bill came, which took another 15 minutes, my charge was still there and we had been charged for a second basket of chips that we were told would be no charge because we had to wait so long. I so wanted it to be good but everything that could be wrong was-including the band in the bar that seemed to be either tuning their instruments or warming up the entire time we were there. I saw at least 3 tables of people leave after sitting with no service and I wish we would have! Chaska My Love is where I will go from now on. We’ve always had a great time there. Maybe La Quebrada should send their employees to them or El Toro in Shakopee or Rey Azteca in Chan for lessons on how to do it right and how to comp your customers when things go wrong.

  3. We’ve eaten at La Quebrada twice. I agree the service may be a little “off,” but you can tell that’s just due to some inexperience. I sincerely felt that they were very concerned with providing us with the best service and food possible. Everything appears to be made fresh. I asked about the cheese specifically, and it’s made fresh in house. Portions are massive, making you wonder how they come out ahead. We asked for a recommendation, and server Gabriela knew immediately what she wanted us to try. If you like “not so good for you” apps, try the fried cheese, we loved it. Give ’em a break, and give it a try. Let us know your thoughts.


  1. La Quebrada closed | Brick City Blog - June 17, 2011

    […] like the restaurant wasn’t able to overcome its rough start.  Let’s hope we can get something new in its place […]

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