More radio silence

Tonight, the Chaska City Council, Chaska Planning Commission, Chaska Parks Commission and Chaska Heritage Preservation Committee will be having a joint meeting at the Chaska Community Center to discuss the initial findings from the Downtown Master Plan process.  (A public forum will take place in January, but tonight’s meeting is an open meeting under Minnesota statute.)

How was this communicated to residents?

Front page of the city website?  Nope.

A note in the City Council section of the website?  Nope.

The City Hall Bulletin?  Nope.  It lists that the normal meeting of the Planning Commission is canceled, but nothing about this meeting.

An announcement on its Facebook page?  Nope.

The only place this meeting is communicated is buried deep in the staff report and in the other business section of the minutes from the 12/6 City Council meeting.

When will City Hall begin to take seriously its responsibility to communicate with residents and make the people part of the process?


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