Money matters revisited

A few months ago, I looked at the campaign finance reports filed by the candidates for State Senate District 34 and State House District 34A.  The last pre-election reports are now in — let’s check out how things have changed.

State Senate District 34:  Incumbent Republican State Senator Julianne Ortman has raised $22,823, while DFL challenger Laura Helmer has raised $16,896.  Ortman received a larger state campaign finance subsidy — $13,603 versus $11,026 for Helmer.  As of October 25, however, the two are essentially equal in cash on hand.  Helmer has a slight advantage here, with $10,883 to Ortman’s $10,663.

State House District 34A:  The battle for this open seat continues to be tightly contested on all fronts.  DFL-endorsed Leanne Pouliot Kunze has raised $12,320, while Republican-endorsed Ernie Leidiger has raised $12,901 (which includes a $3,000 loan from Leidiger to his campaign).  Kunze maintains a signficant cash on hand advantage, with $5,935 versus Leidiger’s $1,306.

In summary, both races continue to be more competitive than in past cycles.  In particular, Kunze is on equal footing in her race, which stands in stark contrast to the 2:1 financial advantage Republicans have traditionally held in the district.


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