I’m voting for Leanne Pouliot Kunze

We’re about two weeks before Election Day, and it’s time to review the critical local races on the ballot.

The race for State Representative in District 34A has been one I’ve spent a lot of time with this past year.  It’s really a critical race, and unlike most cycles, it figures to be a truly competitive race.

I’m voting for Leanne Pouliot Kunze.  Let me tell you why.

Leanne is an exceptional candidate.  She has lived in this area for her entire life.  She has raised her family here.  She knows the needs of our community inside and out.  She is a moderate, responsible voice who will bring fair-minded people together to find solutions.

Visit her website.  She is focused on practical, real-world solutions that reflect our values and reflect the stark reality that faces this state.

The state of Minnesota is at a critical crossroads.  A decade of budget mismanagement (dating back to the second half of Jesse Ventura’s term) has left us with a nearly $6 billion deficit in the next two-year budget cycle.  That represents about a 15% across-the-board cut, if the deficit were to be resolved only by spending cuts.

It’s imperative that we have “all hands on deck” to solve this problem.  Like Paul Kohls before him, Leanne’s opponent Ernie Leidiger has expressed an affinity for impractical solutions to this and other problems (Leidiger has embraced the dead-on-arrival Kohls proposal for the Metrodome, for instance).  Leidiger, like Kohls, figures to find himself yelling from the sidelines as the reasonable people hash out a solution.  We don’t need another back-bencher in the minority party accomplishing nothing to advance our interests. 

As a moderate, Leanne will be able to influence legislation from Day One, and when her first term is up, she’ll have a lot more to brag about that the “I voted No!” that we’ve heard from Kohls and will hear from Leidiger.

It’s time for a brand of politics and a brand of politician that breaks the typical mold.  Leanne will be that fresh voice we need in St. Paul.  Leanne will truly represent our values and work hard to get our District and our state back on the right track. 

I encourage you to get out and vote on November 2 for Leanne Pouliot Kunze.


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