Do you know Leanne Pouliot Kunze?

Frank Long is the chair of the Carver County Republican Party.  I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him, but I can tell you two things I already know about him.  First, he’s a highly partisan guy.  Second, he doesn’t know Leanne Pouliot Kunze.

In recent weeks, Long has been releasing letters to the editor and blog posts attacking Leanne.  I realize that politics ain’t beanbag, but some of the attacks here are beyond the pale. 

Now, I haven’t known Leanne for as long as many in this area have.  Unlike her opponent, Leanne has spent her entire life in this area.  Her parents still live here.  Leanne is raising her family here.  Her family has been part of this community for decades.  She’s involved in her church.  She’s been involved in civic organizations and volunteers her time to help the community.

Leanne worked for a decade as a child protection social worker.  Long says that government work such as that is “parasitic”.  That says far more about Long’s extreme views than it says about Leanne. 

Isn’t protecting vulnerable children one of the very finest things that government can and should do?  What is the purpose of government if we do not protect children from being victimized?

Long suggests that Leanne has no concept of what it means to operate a business.  Anyone who knows Leanne knows that isn’t true.  If you’ve lived in Western Carver County for any length of time, you probably know or have done business with her dad, Leo.

Leanne doesn’t need to “moderate her image”, as Long suggests.  Anyone who has met her and talked to her knows that.  Anyone who has watched our political situation in St. Paul knows that the last thing we need right now are people who are so polarized that they can’t get anything done.  The challenges we face demand representation that will be in the fight working for solutions, not standing on the sidelines because of their extreme positions.

Do you know Leanne Pouliot Kunze? 

If not, you should take the time to find out more.  (That goes double for you, Frank Long)



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    […] far what we know about Frank Long is mostly bad. Before he ran for office, he was known for writing nasty letters to the newspapers, and for being the Chair of the Carver County GOP when they endorsed the loser Bruce Schwichtenberg […]

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