Cuzzy’s: The Review

Took the family to Cuzzy’s for dinner yesterday.  We arrived shortly after 5 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.  The bar was nearly full, and the dining room was about half-full (by the time we left, almost every table was filled).  The interior is little changed from the Pauly’s days.  The most notable change to the decor is the addition of a row of tables in the bar underneath the TVs.

I had the stromboli, my wife had the Brick House burger, and our daughter went with the Mac-and-Cheese option from the kids menu.  Positive reviews all around on the food quality.  The stromboli was very tasty.  The crust had the right thickness.  The sauce was good, although my wife definitely noted the onion and garlic involved.  The only minor complaint would be that the Canadian Bacon was in there as a big piece.  It would have been a little easier to eat had it been chopped up a bit.  For dessert, we shared a piece of the chocolate cake.  Again, very solid.  Rich and decadent, just how it’s supposed to be.  Our server was friendly and attentive.

All in all, a very good first experience.  We’d like to see some additional entree options on the menu — the core of the menu today are the burgers, pizzas, and sandwiches.  Most of the entrees seemed to be on the specials menu.  Additionally, only two dessert options at the moment — the chocolate cake and a turtle cheesecake.  Looking forward to more choices on that front. 

I just hope the community continues to embrace the restaurant, and that the restaurant is able to deliver good food consistently.


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