Flippe-Floppe Hoppe

State Rep. Joe Hoppe voted today to uphold Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s veto of a fix to the General Assistance Medical Care bill.  Hoppe was one of 38 Republicans who voted in favor of the bill last month.  All 38 changed their mind, leaving House Democrats four votes shy of the number needed for the override.


2 Responses to “Flippe-Floppe Hoppe”

  1. Disappointing indeed. What changed his mind (other than partisan strong-arming)?

  2. The House Republican position is that no vote should have been taken on the override while legislative leaders try and negotiate a solution with Gov. Pawlenty. The House Democratic position is that you can override the bill now to protect people in the interim and come back and tweak the bill on a bipartisan basis before the end of the session.

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