Jay Rohe for Mayor of Chaska

I will be voting for Jay Rohe in the Chaska Mayoral Special Election on January 19.  Let me tell you why.

This isn’t a knock on the other candidates.  They have long histories in Chaska.  They have many friends and relationships across the community.  They have contributed significantly to Chaska.  But the other candidates don’t project any real agenda they seek to pursue, both claiming they will “listen to the people” to guide what they do as Mayor.  Listening to the people is part of the job description, not a platform for action. 

This is an important time for Chaska.  We have a downtown that is struggling.  Major projects – such as the Heights of Chaska and Bio-Science Zone – will be built out over the next few years as the economy recovers.  Chaska needs a Mayor who has a clear vision of where this city needs to go and knows how to get us there.  Jay Rohe is the right candidate for the challenges we face right now.

Jay has built relationships with key decision-makers, not only within Chaska, but across the region and state in the numerous commissions he served on while on the City Council.  When Chaska faces issues that require support and resources from other governmental bodies, Jay is ready from day one to represent this city and advocate for the projects that are critical to our community.

Jay is committed to revitalizing downtown.  The city recently hired a consulting firm to help develop a Downtown Master Plan.  That’s an idea Jay had been pushing for years.  He’s the right candidate to lead that effort forward and implement the plan, because he’s already been in the trenches fighting to build a better downtown.

I didn’t agree with every decision Jay made on the City Council, and I may not agree with every decision he makes as Mayor.  But I can tell you that Jay approaches every issue with an open mind and gets to heart of every decision that comes before the Council.  He gives everyone a fair hearing.  When our neighborhood had an issue with a city project a couple of years ago, Jay was more responsive to our concerns than any other member of the Council – and Jay represents a different Ward!  With Jay Rohe as Mayor of Chaska, your voice will be heard.

The other candidates talk about listening and being responsive to the people of Chaska.  The other candidates talk about what they could do to move projects forward. 

But there’s only one candidate in this race who has a record of actually doing it.  And that candidate is Jay Rohe.  I encourage you to vote for Jay on January 19.



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