Paul Kohls: On the Record

Paul Kohls has amassed a remarkable record of things he is against during his time in the State Legislature.

AGAINST Providing increased dedicated funding for transportation via the gasoline tax, even after the 35W bridge collapse

AGAINST Providing Minnesota workers with a reasonable minimum wage

AGAINST Domestic partnership benefits for state employees

AGAINST Setting renewable energy standards for the state

AGAINST Funding stem cell research

AGAINST A woman’s right to choose

AGAINST Every bonding bill in the last two terms

AGAINST Increased electronics waste recycling

AGAINST Preparing the state to deal with the impacts of climate change

To be fair, though, Paul Kohls is for some things. Like, for instance:

FOR Backwards-focused budgeting practices, including the Spending Accountability Amendment and ignoring inflation in budget projections

FOR Demonizing the good-faith efforts of the Minneapolis and St. Paul police departments to build relationships with immigrant communities by trying to turn local officers into enforcers of federal immigration law

FOR Cuts in general assistance medical care and restricting eligibility to MinnCare

FOR Protecting insurance companies from their negligent and/or fraudulent behavior

Who is Paul Kohls really working for in St. Paul? Seems like he’s really advancing his own agenda at everyone else’s expense.


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