Chaska Citizens for a Special Election

Show your support for a special election to fill the mayoral position by joining Chaska Citizens for a Special Election on Facebook.

The Chaska Herald has called for a special election.  We must show our support for this option to ensure that Council does the right thing for the residents of this community.


One Response to “Chaska Citizens for a Special Election”

  1. Dear Council Members:

    Thank you all again for bringing the public into the discussion last night, I really thought that was a great example of good governance.
    In reflecting on the discussion last night, I had a few thoughts came to mind that I would like to share with you all:

    1. Consensus – Please don’t put too high of a premium on consensus. Democracy is about compromise between opposing positions, please don’t let the concept of unity and desire to get along interfere with putting the best product out there for the City. If you have a viewpoint, please articulate it and vote your conscious. People may not agree with you, but they will respect you more for standing for your principles. If you can work out a compromise that leads to consensus, great. But that should come at the end, not the beginning of the discussion.

    2. Appointment vs. Special Election – The position was taken last night that a special election is somehow not going to represent the intent of the electorate.
    That is, we honor the voice of the electorate by not letting them vote. Obviously, this is an inherently paradoxical statement, and one that I hope will not be restated again in public. The reason given for this ‘Big Think’ argument was that there is an expectation of low voter turnout. I don’t think that will be the case here, this being a mayoral race. Also as was mentioned, absentee ballots could alleviate the turnout (send out the ballots with the notice cards). Remember also that many people are upset with the “fix” at the school board, so there should be no problem with turnout. In the end, democracies are decided by those who show up. If there is low turnout, so be it. I’m concerned about costs, but it seems that they are not out of line with the benefit to the City, and in preserving a democratic process. I think that Mr. Ford’s offer to be the custodial mayor, is a generous one, but I don’t think it is an adequate subsitute for a citizen vote.

    3. Fairness – The discussion of fairness has become far too tilted toward respecting the wishes of candidates instead of voters. Frankly, its starting to look more like “fairness” is about one particular council member. That is, if Mr. Ford is willing to not run if appointed, a reasonable thought makes me think it less likely that he will run for mayor next time around. That being said, it looks like we are sacrificing a great deal to accommodate Mr. Shulz. It seems that in the interest of fairness, the special election would be the MOST fair of options in that it allows Mr. Shulz to campaign against Mr. Rohe or whomever. I think that the voter’s interests should be paramount here, not personal political aims. Put your trust in the electorate, we will make a good decision.

    4. Runner Up Appointment – There were two or three responses in the survey that suggested precedent for appointing the runner up in the last election as replacement mayor (e.g. Jay Rohe). As you know from my previous email, this was my favored option before last night, and I was disappointed that there was no discussion of this alternative by staff. I infer from the discussion that the reason would again be fairness to prospective candidates among current council. As above, what is ultimately fair to me as a voter is that we the public get to decide the outcome, not the council.
    In summary, please authorize a special election. This is one place where the “public option” should always be the first option and the best way to achieve the best interests of the citizens.

    Thank you,

    Jim Aiken
    2640 Christian Ct.
    Chaska, MN

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