Fixing the problem of NSA spying

OK, so now that we’re all mad about the NSA spying, what do we do to fix it when a majority of politicians in both parties don’t have a problem with it?

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Watching the Watchmen: the bipartisan failure on privacy

The revelations about the NSA spying program have set off a firestorm of partisan finger-pointing (such as this from late last week). The reality, though, isn’t terribly complex. Both parties are responsible for selling your privacy down the river with these sorts of programs.

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Sen. Julianne Ortman

Ortman back from War College: firing wildly and with shiny tap-dance shoes

Julianne Ortman comes back from the National Security Seminar ready to fire away at Al Franken and tap dance around the tough questions sent her way.

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Congress, take back the wheel: NSA collection of phone numbers isn’t new

The NSA has been collecting your phone data since 2006. It’s time for Congress to re-assert itself and start drawing some reasonable lines that balance the government’s need for data with your right to privacy.

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Get to the appoint: Chaska Ward 1 looking for a new councilor and other news

Do you live in Chaska Ward 1 and want to be on the City Council? Now’s your chance! Plus news about State. Sen. Julianne Ortman and the wild week in the Sixth Congressional District.

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A balancing act for District 112?

Should the unbalanced enrollment and demographics of Chaska High School and Chanhassen High School be balanced, and if so, how?

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Sen. Julianne Ortman

Ortman faces uphill climb in potential race against Franken

The first detailed poll of the 2014 U.S. Senate race shows that potential Republican candidates — including Chanhassen’s Julianne Ortman — face an uphill battle against Al Franken.

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marriage equality vote

Carver County House Vote Tracker – 2013

See how Ernie Leidiger, Joe Hoppe, and Cindy Pugh voted on the critical issues this session.

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Sen. Julianne Ortman

It’s totally not about that

Julianne Ortman attacks Al Franken over letters sent to the IRS in 2012. But, trust her, it’s totally unrelated to the rumors that she’s going to challenge him in 2014.

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Senate passes care workers unionization bill; House vote expected Saturday

The Minnesota State Senate voted 35-32 today to pass S.F. 778, which would enable independent day care operators and personal care attendants who serve customers that receive state subsidies to organize unions. Is this a smart move?

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Senate passes marriage equality; Ortman votes no

The Minnesota State Senate today passed the marriage equality bill by a vote of 37-30, following four hours of debate. State Senator Julianne Ortman (R-Chanhassen) voted no on the issue.

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