Sen. Julianne Ortman

Ortman denied GOP endorsement for State Senate [UPDATED]

At the SD 47 GOP nominating convention last night, State Senator Julianne Ortman was not able to secure backing from 60% of the delegates after five ballots and did not earn endorsement.  The Chaska Herald has coverage of how the balloting unfolded.

On the first ballot, Ortman earned 49% of the delegates, followed by Bruce Schwichtenberg at 32% and Kevin Masrud at 19%.  Masrud dropped out at that point, throwing his support to Schwichtenberg.  Following that change, Ortman’s vote total held steady at just over half the delegates.  After five ballots, the delegates voted not to proceed with a sixth ballot.

The Herald reports indicate that the Ortman and Schwichtenberg campaigns were hitting each other hard with their literature.  Schwichtenberg accused Ortman of supporting expanded sales taxes and cap-and-trade as well as being a supporter of former Carver County GOP Chair Paul Zunker, who was convicted of criminal sexual conduct in March.  Ortman raised some issues in Schwichtenberg’s past, including a bankruptcy, tax issues, and a lengthy legal battle with Carver County over a septic system.

Despite the near-deadlock in the delegate count, Schwichtenberg has not committed to running in the primary.

The party also endorsed incumbent Representatives Ernie Leidiger (by acclimation) and Joe Hoppe (a first-ballot win over challenger Gary Heyer) at the convention.

[UPDATE]:  Schwichtenberg announced today he will run in the primary.

3 Responses to “Ortman denied GOP endorsement for State Senate [UPDATED]”

  1. DFL’ers can relax. At the convention it was clear we all have the same basic goals, but there are differences of opinion as to how we get there and who’s the right one to follow going forward. One thing is clear. Being the most conservative county in the state, either candidate would be elected hands down over any Democratic candidate.

    The biggest reason we didn’t endorse, is that we ran out of time. We had to move on as we only had the school auditorium for so long. And it’s an expensive process acquiring a place large enough, for long enough to fight these battles.

    I have to say I didn’t care for the negativity from each side. I’m a little torn between two people I consider friends, and to see them go down this path was hard to watch. I know there’s some history there, and it’s clear the two do not like one another.

    As to the Paul Zunker thing, once again it should be noted in regard to the sex crime he was charged with. No one in the party knew anything of that. It happened before he became chair, but didn’t come to light until after he was elected. So linking his sex crime to this story is nothing more than pure liberal garbage peddling. His deficiencies as a human being had or have nothing to do with our county board and you should be ashamed to continue to tie to two together.

    Of course the DFL willbe licking their chops over this primary situation, and some poor unlucky sap will try to run against whom ever our candidate turns out to be, thinking they suddnely have a shot at the title. I doubt that very much. this base is extremely energized, and what clear from every candidate, is that we need to remain strong and keep taking the fight to St. Paul, and work to provide veto-proof houses to rein in the tax and spender in cheif, Dayton.


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